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Here is the news

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Must sleep!
by Kane on February 20, 2017

Finally, I can add photos to the site again.
by Kane on January 5, 2017

Finally, more stuff
The workshop is finished, the roller shutters are fitted and the door is on.
I still have to finish boarding out the loft, painting the walls, painting the floor, running power, wiring up the lights/roller shutters/power sockets.

In the mean time, here are a bunch of pages.

Which 451 Diesel Should I Buy?
450 Window Motor Change.
450 Window Cable Change.
454 Forfour Front Panel Removal.
Coding Keys With MB Star.
Fitting 450 Alloys On A 451.
Roadster Speedo Pin Out
450 Fortwo Speedo Pin Out

Problems signing up, resubscribing or accessing the site?

Like evilution on FaceBook for the odd non technical update and critical piss taking of smart related things.
by Kane on November 28, 2016

Moved house
Things have been quiet here for the passed few months. I bought a house.
That meant that everything got packed up so I couldn't play cars.
Then I had to move everything, unpack what was needed, do house stuff etc.

Well, finally I have actual internet and although everything is still in boxes and I currently don't have a workshop like I did before, things are heading in the right direction.

I'm going to form a company, build an office/workshop in the garden and get right back to taking smarts apart. The new workshop will be bigger and better though.

I have managed to find a bit of time to put some info up.

If you are on Facebook, like the evilution page and see some random stuff. It's usually more interesting or silly rather than technical.

Car unlocks but doesn't start and shows the key icon.
Fuse taps.
Smart Stereo Variants.
Roadster Brake Pad Change. Redone with larger photos.
Launch control.
Roadster Heater Control Cable Faults.
451 Exhaust Types.

If you have any problems of questions about how the site subscription thing works, this is the link for you.
by Kane on August 7, 2016

After a bit of downtime and house-buying, I'm back.
by Kane on May 1, 2016

CSV file to the rescue.... sort of.
As some of you already knew, our server contacted the plague and leprosy and exploded into a million pieces (we counted). In the sadness of the loss, the back up server took its own life. This meant we had a catastrophic data loss and the earliest working back up we had was the 1st of February.

So, anyone who signed up between Feb 1 and March 27th magically disappeared in a big puff of smoke.

I manually added about 100 of the 700 missing people (the people who actually noticed and emailed me asking why they couldn't log in) whilst a piece of code was being devised that would inject a CSV file of log ins, back into the database.

This worked but there were 2 drawbacks.

Everyone was emailed a new password which confused people who didn't know the situation.

The main issue was that we only had people's email addresses that they used through PayPal. This didn't necessarily match the email address that they had originally used to sign up. So, if they hadn't seen the new password email sent to their PayPal address, they wouldn't be able to log in or request a new password.

So, if you can't log in, try your PayPal email address and request a new password. Or email me and I'll look into it.
by Kane on April 1, 2016

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