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Roadster Driveshaft Removal

It is now becoming a more common problem with Roadsters, the ABS rings rust and fail

Modification Details

What Are The Symtoms?

As you brake, the ABS almost always kicks in. This feels like a fast shaking through
the pedal. The ABS light does not illuminate when the ABS kicks in. In this particular
occasion, the ABS pump was firing erratically even when the car had stopped.

Price Problem And Solution

Smart have increased the price of the drive shafts by £50 each and now retail at
£170 + VAT EACH! So I suggest you do what I did and get a pair second hand.
I am lucky to be very close to 
Chequered Flag in Strood. They always have a vast range of spare
parts for smarts.If you want to contact them, it's best to get on the phone, 01634 711 866.

Dave at Chequered Flag donated the driveshafts to us to help a friend fix her car.

The next option is to replace the rings with some aftermarket units, available here:

First Things First

Get your replacement drive shafts and give them a good clean with a wire brush and a file.
When you are happy they are clean, give the notched ABS ring a coat of 'direct to rust' black Hammerite.
Ensure it is a thin coat and get in to all the corners.
This should stop the rings rusting again, you may as well paint the shaft too.

Let the paint dry in a warm place for 24 hours before fitting.

Remove The Centre Caps


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