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451 Boot Release Button

For some reason, smart thought it was a step forward to omit an interior boot release button on the 451. Idiots. Let us add what they took away.

Modification Details

Why Did They Leave It Out?

Good question. The 451 seems to be like the 450 with less features and more reliability.
Unlike the 450, the 451 doesn't have a switch in the cabin to open the boot.
It does have a switch built into the external boot lid handle but people prefer internal release buttons.

Is It Easy To Refit?

Of course. Smart didn't bother to fit it so it saved a tiny amount of money.
You only have to create a switch from what is already available and add a simple wire.

Retrofitting The Boot Release Button

What we will be doing is tapping into the wire that runs between the SAM unit and the boot
release switch on the boot flap. So far I have identified 2 different wiring colours used.


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