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High Level Brake Bulbs

Changing the bulbs in the high level brake light assembly.

Modification Details

Fortwo 450 And Roadster 452

For some reason, many places will tell you that the bulbs in the high level brake light
cannot be removed. It could be that they have had problems getting the bulbs out.

Needless to say, you can get the bulbs out and I have a nice easy way to do it.
The five bulbs are 284 bulbs, they are a mini wedge fit bulb like the 501.

Removing The Reflector And Diffuser

Undo the 2 posi head screws and pull the diffuser out of the spoiler.

Underneath you will find the reflector, warning it is sharp.
The reflector may come out in the diffuser or may stay attached to the car.
If it ist attached to the car, you just need to pull it to free the connections.

Changing The Bulbs

Take a piece of sellotape and wrap it around the bulb that
is faulty and needs removing, let the tape stick to itself and the bulb.

Pull the sellotape and the bulb will pop out.

You can also push the bulbs out from the back using a cocktail stick or narrow screwdriver. (Thanks Alastair).

The bulbs currently in it are 284 bulbs which are available from most motor spares shops.
Being a bulb they will work either way around unlike an LED so just push them in.

Refit the reflector and diffuser and test.

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