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Welcome to the site known worldwide as Evilution.

The site dedicated to almost everything about smart cars.

I had a week off work!

Normally the girlfriend goes away on holiday and I stay behind and do stuff to the house. I’d previously ripped out the bathroom, moved a wall over and fitted a new bathroom suite. Then there was Covid for 2 years so no holidays. This year however she was off to Barbados and that was going to be about the time the builders were going to finish the extension on the back of the house. I was going to use the 2 weeks to tile the new toilet and shower room, fit a toilet, shower and sink and then decorate the other 2 rooms and have it all done by the time she got back.

Sadly the builders started 2 weeks late, did next to nothing for the 1st week due to the weather. Then I lost a week waiting for the roofer to actually arrive, another week waiting for the plumber to turn up and another week for the electrician. The waiting time for double glazed windows and a door was 5 weeks and the builders can’t plaster the walls if the building has no doors or windows.

So, for the 2 weeks the girlfriend was on holiday, almost nothing got done on the building so I had nothing to do. I cancelled 1 of the weeks off work and spent the remaining week in the workshop and writing up pages for previously taken photos. My loss is your gain I suppose.

453 Lambda Sensors
453 Forfour Door Card Removal
453 Forfour Front & Rear Speaker Change
453 EQ Desiccant Cartridge Change
Roadster Self Centring Steering Mod
450 Rocker Cover Removal
Roadster Rocker Cover Removal
450 Air Inlet Manifold Removal
Roadster Air Inlet Manifold Removal
450 Camshaft Removal
Roadster Camshaft Removal
450 Timing Chain Cover Removal
Roadster Timing Chain Cover Removal
Roadster Brake Bleeding
450 Cylinder Head Removal
Roadster Cylinder Head Removal
450 Timing Chain Guide Removal
Roadster Timing Chain Guide Removal
450 Chain Tensioner Removal
Roadster Chain Tensioner Removal
453 Fog Light Bulb Change
450 Oil Pump Removal
Roadster Oil Pump Removal
Wheel Bolt Torque Figures
Oil Sump Pan Testing
450 Timing Chain Change
Roadster Timing Chain Change
The Dan Graves eBay Smart Manual

Finally I have started getting my hands dirty inside an engine. I’m not a fan.

Come and look at my antisocial medias

Thanks to everyone who has subscribed so far. Remember that all paid subscribers in the UK can get 10% off of their insurance. Look at the bottom of this page for the details. If you select the £25 subscription tier, I’ll send you an evilution vinyl sticker to anywhere in the world.

Updating the news has taken a back seat…

…mainly because I’ve been busy with the site and I didn’t know how to post a news update on this new system. If you are seeing this, it worked. I have been adding and adjusting pages of information as I went, especially if someone asked or requested the info. So, this is what is new since September.

Forfour 454 key battery replacement.
Roadster key battery replacement.
453 suspension front information.
453 scuttle panel removal.
453 external temperature sensor removal.
Drive belt information.
451 headlight pin out.
451 electric drive heater fault.
453 electric drive heater fault.
451 heater controller disassembly.
Jump start boxes.
451 failed clutch actuator.
453 wind noise issues.
450 almond to peanut facelift.

evilution Christmas message (including the photo that got me banned on FaceBook for 3 days).
Sign in, sign up, use the site – everything you need to know.

evilution has been a hobby of mine for the last 16 years so it is with some trepidation that I announce that it is now “evilution ltd” and therefore a real registered company. This will seriously help the site out as I’ll be able to purchase more cars to tear down. On the flip side I now have to learn to do accounts and find out what I can and can’t do. This transition will take time.

My back-end is being modified

Yep, still here.

You may have noticed a slight change to the site. This started on the 25th of August. This is the 1st big change to the admin software in about 14 years so needless to say a lot of the pages of information aren’t formatted correctly. When the site was made all those years ago, screen resolutions were much lower, the screen width was a set width and there was no such thing as a iPhone (so no other phone makers had something to copy.

Now there are higher resolutions and a lot of different devices so I’m having to manually reformat all 1600 pages of information so they all look the same and up-to-date. It’s a lot of work. New fonts, new justifications and upscaled photos.

We are also battling with the new admin system. It’s so complicated, way more than we’ll ever need but that makes the learning curve incredibly steep. Not to mention the standard “issues with PayPal” that always seems to happen.

So, for the rest of the year, we will be adding new features and manipulating our back ends including adding annoying adverts for all of the tight-wads who don’t have a subscription. Then we’ll add the sales page so everyone can sell their smart parts and cars.

I want to thank everyone who has subscribed and I promise that new pages of information will be added soon.

I’ve been too busy taking the photos to have any time left to edit and write the pages

I’m not dead. I haven’t run out of ideas. I haven’t abandoned the website. This isn’t FQ101.

I got myself another smart to play with so I’ve been taking a lot of photos but I just couldn’t get into the mindset to write the words. Being informative is easy but incredibly boring but being entertaining as well can be tricky if you are in the mood.

I’ve stopped enjoying my full time job of 19 years and it’s affecting me a bit.

451 heater controller fix.
451 cabin air inlet box removal.
Open your 451 if you lost your keys.
453 Smart Media Connect software update.
451 key resynchronisation.

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A major website update is coming soon including new subscription tiers, a more up-to-date look, an eBay style selling area and other shit like that.