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Autolock Anti Hijack 453

Modification Details

Door Autolocking - Anti Hijack

Driving into and out of London every night, this feature has stopped me being carjacked 3 times now.
It's a very important feature that should be activated. 

It's so important, I'm leaving this page free to view.

This feature automatically locks the doors when you go over a set speed.
This means that if someone tries to open the doors when you stop at traffic lights, the doors are locked.

2 Options

You can do this activation in 1 of 2 ways.

Manual Activation

Put the key in the ignition and start the car so the engine is running.
(this will NOT work unless the engine is running).

Press and hold the dash top door lock button. After about 5 seconds you'll hear a beep.
The auto lock feature is now activated.

Repeating the above will turn the feature back off.

Software Activation

Start DDT4All and connect to the car.

In the 2nd box on the left, select [BCM].

In the 3rd box, select Doorlock and then Doorlock - Configuration

Click Einstein's face to enter expert mode.

In the main window, look for ANTI_HIJACK_CF.

Change the false to true and click send.

If you want to turn this feature off because you like being car-jacked, change true to false and click send.

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