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Diagnosis Hardware & Software

Let your car tell you what is wrong

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Not All Options Are Created Equal

Hardware/software options for the smart car range varies in price depending on who you are, where you buy it and what functions you require. Let's look at some options.

Fault Code Readers

Many of the cheap OBD2 fault code readers will display and delete error codes from the ECU. That's pretty much all they do. That's not much help if you have the airbag light on or a ESP fault.

These range from simple wired connections from the car to a laptop were you run a cheap custom
piece of software all the way up to a handheld system with a display. Both of these types also
tend to show a basic range of live data. Search online for OBD software to see your options.

PASA 2006

In 2006,
ICM released a cut down version of Win-star for the home mechanic.
There were 3 options, 450 fortwo, Roadster and Forfour. These would only work
on the car they were designed for.
Pasa2006 did almost everything that Win-star
did except steering wheel alignment and a few odd functions like that.

You could delete all error codes, even airbag errors.
Clutch actuator reteach.
Move clutch to open or closed.
Select gears.
Activate the starter motor.
Turn on the intercooler fan.
Toggle the wastegate.
Open and close the throttle body.
Reset the accelerator sensor.
Switch on the AC compressor.
Turn on the fuel pump.
Read live data straight from your laptop screen.
The list goes on.

The unit was a small multiplexer that plugged into the serial port of your laptop.
The software communicated with the car through the OBD port via the multiplexer
and displayed information on the screen.

There didn't seem to be a set price if you contacted ICM but the majority of people were
quoted £800 for the multiplexer and software. You had to supply your own laptop. The software
also had basic guides on topping up fluids, servicing and changing filters etc.

Chance of getting one?

None at all. It's very old also now pointless. For the same money or less you can get MB Star with a laptop.

ICM's Win-Star

Info coming soon.

Mercedes MB-Star

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