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Noisy Headlight Motors

It is becoming more and more common now that 450 headlight motors are playing up and making a continuous noise, annoying.

Modification Details

What Is That Noise?

It's the headlight adjuster trying to find a correct position but failing miserably.
In these cases the motor then just travels back and forth trying to find the correct point.

Why Does It Have Problems?

The position that the motor is trying to find is monitored by a very basic variable resistor.
As the motor moves, the resistance changes until it reaches the correct value.
Because the variable resistor is a cheap part it can fail, causing this problem.

What's The Fix Then?

Poor Resistance

Firstly you need to
remove the headlights and take them apart to get to the adjuster.
 Done that? OK, we shall continue. This is what you will have in your hand, the offending part.


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