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Roadster Ground Points

Modification Details

Roadster Earthing Points

The Roadster is now officially old and with that advanced age comes new faults.

One of these faults that is becoming more prevalent is earthing issues.

Earth Or Ground?

It's the same thing. Some countries call it a different name.

Identifying An Earth Point

It's fairly simple. It's a stud coming from the bodywork with a load of brown wires attached to it. Like So...

Positions Around The Car - Overview

Closer Detail

There is an earthing stud on each side of the centre tunnel. Pull back the carpet in this position...

...and you'll see the stud. Ground W26

On the other side of the centre tunnel is another earthing stud. Ground W26

As you sit in the car, the right hand footwell has an earth point here. Mainly used for RHD cars. Ground W2


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