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Roadster Starter Motor Fix

Modification Details

This is the starter motor removed from the car. Actually removing it is a terrible job.

Annoyingly, it's rarely the starter motor that fails so removing it is usually unnecessary.

So, if you go to start the car and you only hear a click from the fuse box, you have a fault with the starter.
All isn't necessarily lost though as there are 2 things you can do that could get the car started.

At least it'd get you home or to a garage so the full repair can be done.

Faults To Check

Firstly, check that the engine earth lead is connected properly both ends and isn't damaged.

Secondly, you should check to see if the alternator is seized.

Thirdly, hitting the starter motor can make it work. The starter motor can just about be
seen behind the first 2 legs of the black inlet manifold on top of the engine (see below).

Hitting it can free a seized solenoid or temporarily sort out the connection mentioned next.

Fourthly, you need to check the starter trigger connection.


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