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450 Floppy Wing Mirrors

Modification Details

The wing mirrors should sit in a certain position but should fold if forced.
However, some people reported that their mirrors just flap about and don't lock. Let's see why.

If you take all of the screws out of the mirror, you eventually end up with this.
It's the mirror adjustment head and adjustment cables. They pass through the mirror pivot.

The pivot is a simple set up.

1 tube rotates inside a housing and that tube is held in place with a spring, a washer and a clip.
The part that rotates has an indent that matches with a tab. The spring creates a lot of tension.
This holds the tab in the indent which keeps the mirror in position.

When you force the mirror, it overcomes thre strength of the spring so the tab moves out of the indent.
This allows the mirror to eventually fold.


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