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Applying Vinyl Logos

This shows you how to apply a vinyl logo to your car.

Modification Details

Firstly, clean the area you are fitting the vinyl to, just use warm water as shampoos
and waxes may stop the vinyl from sticking properly to the bodywork.

Slowly peel back the sticky masking tape layer, you have to ensure that all of the
vinyl sticker is transferred from the wax paper to the sticky masking tape layer.

As you can see from the picture below, the vinyl is being stubborn and some of it is staying
on the wax paper side. Push the sticky tape side firmly down and try peeling back again.
Bending the wax paper layer away from the sticky tape side will also free the vinyl.

Eventually you are left with the sticky tape layer with the vinyl attached.

Hold the vinyl sticky side towards the car and line up where you want it to be.
Once you are happy that it is positioned correctly and straight, push one edge down so
that the sticky tape and the vinyl touch the car. Press it down firmly with your thumb.

Work along the vinyl from one side to the other until the whole thing is stuck to the car.
Take some time to make sure that you have pushed every part against the car.

Take one edge of the sticky tape and pull it back towards itself.

Take it slowly to make sure that none of the vinyl stays on the sticky tape.

Eventually you will have removed all of the sticky tape and the vinyl will be in position.

Hopefully it is straight and where you wanted it to be.
Press it all down again to ensure adhesion to the car.


It will take about 24 hours for the vinyl adhesive to bond properly.
It will not affect your panels or paintwork.
Be careful when cleaning, do not scrub them as they may start to peel.


Pour some warm water over the vinyl to soften the adhesive, then simply peel it off.
Clean the residual adhesive off and clean the panel.

Fitting Larger Vinyls

The larger the vinyl, the more chance you have of trapping air underneath.

To reduce this, clean the area as before but instead of putting the vinyl straight
onto the bodywork you should spray the area with a soapy water solution first.
Now when the vinyl is placed onto the bodywork, you can move and reposition the vinyl.

Take someone elses credit card without asking and fold a piece of cloth over the edge.
Using the protected edge, push the soapy water out from underneath the vinyl.
Start from the centre, carefully pushing the water out from under the vinyl,
eventually the entire design will be stuck to the car with no air bubbles or trapped water.

Use a towel to mop up the excess water and double check for trapped water or air.
Pricking any bubbles with a pin will allow the contents out and the design to stick.

Allow 24 hours for the adhesive to dry out and stick properly to the car.

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