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Cubic Printing The Easy Way

Modification Details

I'm sure most of you have seen cubic printing or hydrographics to give it its proper
name but I would imagine that a lot of people didn't know the correct term.
In most cases they are usually known by the smart monikers,
numeric blue, aqua vanilla, aqua orange, aqua green and scratch black.

How Does It Work Then?

The image is printed onto a thin sheet of PVA which is then placed on the top of
a large tank of water, the PVA is broken down by the water so only the ink is left
floating on the surface. The panels are pushed slowly through the ink so the image
is transferred, each panel is then lacquered to protect the ink finish.

This process has now become available to the aftermarket modifiers.

How Can I Recreate It?

With all the cubic colours (except numeric blue), a fairly decent approximation
can be had just by using spray paints and a lot of time and patience.

And If I Have Numeric Blue Or No Talent?


You already have a good colour sample on your car so let's use it. Ask a vinyl
printing/sign writers shop if they can print a photo of a door panel onto some vinyl.
The good ones will be able to do it no problems, explain what you are trying to
achieve so they understand.

With smaller parts like pod rings it will look better if the picture is
reduced so you can see the detail.

Once the picture is printed you can either get them to apply it or have a stab at it yourself.
Smaller parts will be easier to do and applying heat from a hairdryer will help you mould
around curves. Here you can see a bodykit done in this way by 2Minits.

Great Idea, Any Others?

Of course, ask about printing on a product called Gerbervision, it's a perforated vinyl
that they often use to advertise on telephone boxes. Because it's perforated you
can have the cubic colour printed to show on the outside of the car but still be able
to see out of it from inside.

Very much like having tinted windows but with a great look.

This could be printed and attached to the back window and the side plastic windows.
It's by no means cheap and because it's an exterior vinyl it will only last for about 3 years.

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