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Debadge Your Smart Car

How to debadge your smart car safely and easily.

Modification Details

Chromed Plastic Logos

Everyone has a different way to do this ranging from finger nails to screwdrivers
and knives. I personally don't want to damage myself or the car bodywork so here
is the easy and safe way to do it.

Heat the badge with either a hair dryer or hot water (no hotter than you can put your hand in).
Get a length of fishing line or dental floss and tie a loop in each end, wear some gloves as the
loops can slip as you pull them. (do not use hot or boiling water as it could damage the panels).

Put the line under the badge and pull it through the foam pad, the badge will lift off.

Pull any loose sticky pad off and wipe the area in WD40, this breaks down the
adhesive in the pad allowing it to be wiped away.

Once the pad and glue have been wiped away clean the area with car
shampoo as dirt can build up between the badge.

Once its clean give the area a layer of polish and buff to a shine.

Nice and smooth, much better.

Vinyl Badges And Logos

Again, the area needs to be heated to soften the adhesive. Use a hairdryer or
hot water 
(no hotter than you can put your hand in). With the area heated, pick
the logo carefully off with a fingernail or credit card.

With all the vinyl off, wipe the panel with WD40 to clear any residue then clean and polish.

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