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ED Vinyl Removal

Modification Details

The ED logo is clever. It's a plug. Hah! neat.

Shame it looks so shit. It has to go but how easily?

Thankfully it's a vinyl graphic placed on last with no lacquer over the top.
Ideally on a warm day, use something soft to peel back the edge. A fingernail if you have any.

Pull slowly and carefully in the direction of travel.

Repeat with the 2nd part of the vinyl.

It comes off just as easily.

If you now look carefully, you'll still see the outline where the dirt settled.

A quick blast of WD-40...

...and a wipe with a microfibre cloth...

...takes all of the dirt and sticky residue off leaving a nice logo free Tridion.

It's still green but it's better with no logo.

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