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Fitting Fog Lights 450

Guide to fitting Fog lights.

Modification Details

The 450 fog lights are quite bad as they are too small, too dim and too high. Fog lights are supposed to
light the road directly in front and to the side of the car allowing you to see the curb and white lines.
However, the 450 does look a bit strange without them fitted so why not just add them anyway.



Please Check Before Continuing

It has been noted that some fortwo models do not come with the foglight wiring.
The list so far seems random but there was a big redesign from May 2005 so
there is a possibility that some fortwos after that date may be without the require wiring.

Therefore it is recommended you check your car before going any further.

Personal Recommendation

Don't bother. The light output of the smart fog lights is poor and of no real help in fog.
The parts are very expensive, rarely used and frankly rubbish.

Fitting The Foglights


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