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Roadster Fuel Filler Neck Seal

Modification Details

Rubber doesn't last for ever, especially not when it comes into contact with petrol on a regular basis.
You may have noticed the filler neck rubber on your Roadster beinging to crack or split.

This is now an MOT fail in the UK so it must be replaced. It stops fuel flowing places it shouldn't be.
Such as body panels or hot engine parts. Neither would be an ideal situation.

Firstly, remove all of the Torx25 bolts holding the flap to the car.

Grab the rubber and start pulling. A slight side to side wiggle can help.

Keep pulling. It's unnecessarily long.

It's like a trunk or some phallus from a dodgy anime movie.

Eventually it'll give up holding on and you'll go flying. Pointlessly large.

So, how the hell are you supposed to refit a replacement? Simple, you don't.

Even smart realised that this part was pointless. Fitting a replacement involved removing the engine and fuel tank.
Eventually, smart realised that the 450 fortwo filler neck rubber fitted fine and was very easy to fit.

The rubber flange smart part number is 
Q 0000251V012000000
It can be bought directly from smart or

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