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Roadster Soft Top Retrofit

Modification Details

If you just have a hard top and either want a soft top or the option of both, you're going to have to fit the soft top.

Here is the soft top assembly. Thankfully it's a self contained unit just waiting to be bolted into the car.
You will also need the 2 removable side bars. 

Fitting The Soft Top Assembly

This retrofit was done on a Roadster coupe but the standard Roadster is almost exactly the same
but with far less room to work and a missing tie bar between the B pillars.

So, if you have a coupe, remove the tie bar. Pop the rubber cover off the bolt and remove the bolts.

We will have to remove the cover panel... unbolt the seat belt guide...

...pull the 3 plastic pegs out...

...and remove the single Torx 20 screw from the back.

The panel can now be removed.

Fold the carpet out of the boot to allow better access. There is a black cover...


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