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Sideskirt fitting

Nothing too taxing, just information about sideskirts and the tools you will need, they help make the car more appealing to the eye as well as helping it cut through the air.

Modification Details

You will need for this mod - some sideskirts (obviously), here we are fitting S-Mann
skirts to a MK7 For2, some
Tiger Seal (ebay or alike) or equivalent adhesive
for bodystyling kits, some masking tape, screws for attaching to the car.

First clean the existing sideskirt on the car so that its clean from crap and other dirt.

Jack up one side of the car and both wheels, this is because as well as the adhesive the skirts
are screwed in place at the ends, you can do this with the wheels on, it just makes
it a lot easier to take them off as it gives you more room to work.

Attach any mesh inside (if available) with the tiger seal or anything else. Apply a generous
bead of tiger seal on the upper lip and side edges (lower edge will not actually attach).
Be careful when applying this as we really don't want the stuff oozing out when attached.

Taking your tigered skirt, press and hold firmly onto the car whilst someone screws
in any screws - we used self tappers here. Once in place, work along the edge use
masking tape to really press and hold the skirt in place. repeat for other side,
reattach wheels (if removed) Leave to set for over 24hrs.

Carefully peel off the masking tape and the protective film from the skirts

Tidy up any unsightly edges of tigerseal with a sharp knife and step back to
admire the job (then realise the rest of the car is really dirty in comparison).



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