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Kane Harrison

Normal Mod 451 Rear Speakers451 Fortwo

This guide is working off of the back of this guide here. If you already have an American 451, you are good to go. I'll be fitting these speaker pods for 10cm speakers. You can get larger pods but it's overkill for rear speakers. They turned up quickly but in my usual...

Normal Mod 451 Rear Wiper Removal451 Fortwo

Flip open the cover to reveal... ...the squirter head and the 13mm nut. With a pair of pliers, carefully grip the tip, give it a wiggle and a pull... ...and the squirter tip will come out. Use a 13mm socket and remove the nut. Now you'll need a wiper puller of some...

Premium Mod 451 Retrofit Power Steering451 Fortwo

This guide is for a right hand drive UK car. LHD cars will probably be the mirror opposite. For future reference, PAS = Power Assisted Steering. This guide now has 2 options on removing the rack. You Will Need A power steering controller. Part numbers below. A power...

Normal Mod 451 Roof Trim451 Fortwo

A few jobs require the roof trim being removed, it is a fairly simple task.

Normal Mod 451 SE Drive Cover451 Fortwo

You will need to remove this cover if you want to remove the gear stick assembly, change the immobiliser chip detector or rescue a cabrio roof switch that has fallen through.

Premium Mod 451 SE Drive Wiring451 Fortwo

E = Earth
C4/8 = Connection plug 4, pin 8
Fuse* or F* = Direct connection fuse number
Black Yellow = Wire colour

Modules are labeled in the picture.

Normal Mod 451 Seat Covers451 Fortwo

Did you know that smart actually sell official seat covers? Well, they do. Smart part number A 451 970 00 88. They are good quality but (as you can expect), not cheap. However, they appear on eBay sometimes. That's where I got mine and they cost me about £30 at the...

Premium Mod 451 Seatbelt Guide Upgrade451 Fortwo

Have you noticed how the 451 seat belts don't retract very well?
It's not the belt, it's the angle of the guide causing friction.

Normal Mod 451 Side Dash Removal451 Fortwo

The sides of the dash should be removed to allow removal of the upper and lower dash, also handy for running wires.

Normal Mod 451 Side Indicator Removal451 Fortwo

This is the indicator (side repeater) on the 451 fortwo. Removing it from the wing panel isn't as easy as some other sites make out. Some sites believe that they can be pushed backwards slightly and pulled out from the front edge. That doesn't work on the 451...

Premium Mod 451 Side Skirt Removal451 Fortwo

The new smart side skirts need to be removed to gain access to the fixings to remove the front and rear panels.