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450 Central Locking Testing

Modification Details

Central Locking Not Staying Locked

When you lock the central locking, if the car immediately unlocks itself then the first thing to do is check
that both doors and the boot are correctly shut. If they are and the central locking still refuses to stay
locked then there may be a problem with 1 of the 2 switches inside the locking mechanism.

There are 7 connections to the door catch. 1 solenoid and 2 switches.
The 2 switches are just to check and double check that the door is shut and locked properly.

Unfortunately it does mean there is twice as much that can fail.

Door Catch

The 1st switch monitors the position of the door catch.
A - Door open
B - Door latched
C - Door closed

The central locking will only lock when the catch is in position C.
Also, the interior light will only go out when the catch is in position C.


Below shows the 7 connections for the door catch mechanism.


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