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450 Brake Caliper Seals

Modification Details

Back in 2014, Dave from Brakes International was good enough to send over a caliper rebuild kit.
I was supposed to do a fitting guide and send people over to his shop to buy the kits.

Unfortunately I'm useless at remembering to do stuff like that. The kit got stored away for when I needed it.

I honestly didn't think I'd be waiting 6 years for someone to enquire about a weeping caliper seal.
Thankfully it eventually happened at a time I was sitting in the workshop (on my 45th birthday) with nothing to do.

What you see below is the Budweg BCK4226 caliper service kit and a Budweg BCP4224 piston.

Unless your piston is scored or damaged, you probably don't need a replacement.
If you want just the main O ring seals and the bleed nipple cover, you can buy Budweg BCS4226.

As you are disconnecting the brake hose, it's a good idea to blank them off. See here.

On the back of the caliper you will have a pair of bolts. On the 450, you will only be able to remove 1 bolt
using a 13mm spanner/socket. The other bolt is some pentagon head nonsense bolt that requires a special tool.

Don't bother. Undo the top bolt with a 13mm on one side and a 17mm on the other (to stop the slide pin from spinning).

The caliper can then be hinged open and the pads removed. Exactly like changing pads but with the caliper off the car.


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