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451 Driveshaft Removal

Modification Details


Before you remove the 451 driveshafts, there is something you have to be sure that you have.
At least 1.5 litres of the correct gearbox fluid. This wasn't an issue on the older model, however,
on the 451, the driveshafts are actually below the fluid level. When you take them out, the fluid escapes.

Before you do anything to the car, make sure that you can undo the top fill plug on the gearbox.
If you let the fluid out and can't remove the plug to refil it, you are screwed.

The Longer But Easier Way

This is my preferred method for driveshaft removal and rear suspension spring fitting.
It takes a few more steps but it makes getting the hub end out a lot easier.
You don't have to start levering the de-dion tube or using a crowbar to lever the ends out of the cup.

The trick is to disconnect everything that is stopping the de-dion tube from swinging further down.
Jack the car up at the back on both sides. If you don't have 2 jacks, you can use an axle stand in the centre.

Remove the wheels and remove the bolt from the centre of the hub using a standard 16mm socket.

Then disconnect the track control arms using an 18mm spanner on the back and an E18 socket on the front.

Place a jack under the end of the de-dion tube and just let it take the weight.

We are now going to disconnect the lower end of the shock absorber. In front of the bolt is a cover. Remove it.

Use an E14 socket to remove this very long bolt.

Once removed, the bottom of the shock absorber will pull out of the housing. Repeat this on the other side.


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