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451 Steering Column Change

Modification Details

Remove the speedo, lower steering column cover, speering wheel and the dashboard.

There are 2 straps holding the steering column bearings in position. Each has 2 bolts underneath.

Look underneath the straps and you find a pair of Torx40 bolts, remove them.

Same with the furthest forward strap bolts too.

Lift up the straps to fully remove them and the top section of the steering column will be loose.

Go to the front of the car. You need to disconnect the steering column from the steering rack.
You have options depending on patience, time or arms like a monkey.

You can take off the front panels, the front frame and both radiators. (seems excessive).
You can reach in through the wheel arch or lower the front under tray.

Either way, you need to undo this nut and pull the bolt out.

Get back in the car and pull on the steering column to pull it through the bulkhead.

You'd do youself a massive favour to ensure that the steering wheel and front wheels are dead straight
before removing or disconnecting each end. This way you know it's all going back on straight.


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