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X-Frame Removal

Modification Details


Well, it's sort of X shaped and it's a framework that holds stuff in place.
The lower parts are actually called track control arms which would make the top part the track control
arm mounting stretcher which is too much of a mouthful (just like myself). So X-frame is just easier.

X-Frame Removal

Remove the rear panels. 450 fortwo, 451 fortwo, 452 Roadster.

Remove the 18mm bolt from the top of the X-frame on either side. Remove the Torx E18 bolt and use an 18mm
spanner on the nut found on the back of the lower part of the track rod arms and remove it from the car.

The lower E18 bolt is 100Nm on refitting. The upper 18mm bolt is 65Nm on refitting.

You can now pull the X-frame out from the left side of the car. The silver part is
a heat shield that protects the X-frame from the heat coming from the turbo.

The 2 bolts hidden behind the heat shield are 65Nm.

Easy as that.

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