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453 Eco Sport Settings

Modification Details

If you have the Eco and Sport setting on your 453 and bored of selecting the setting you want, you can code the car
into remembering what setting was used when the car was used previously.

Start up DDT4All and connect to the car.

In the 2nd window down, click on [BCM] which is the body control module.

In the 3rd box down, scroll to Fal MMI and double click it to open the options. Click Fal MMI - Configuration.

On the main part of the screen, look down to ECOMODE_PREVIOUS_RESTART_CF.

Click on Einstein's face to enter expert mode.

Whatever the setting is, change it to the other setting. So if the left column says true, set the right column to false.

Click on the send button to write it to the car.

If the setting doesn't take correctly, try disconnecting the battery for 10 minutes.
This reboots the car and usually makes new DDT4All settings work correctly.

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