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453 LED Indicator Coding

Modification Details

Fast Flashing

If you fit LEDs to any of the indicator bulbs, there is a good chance that you'll experience fast flashing.

Coding It Out

If your car is 2017 or newer, you should be able to use DDT4All to stop them fast flashing.


Install DDT4All and connect to your car.

In the 2nd box on the left, look for [ BCM ] T4_VS_BCM_DDT2000 and look at the number next to it.
In this case we have SW13_5_5_5.

This software version is too old and doesn't have the options that we require.
Under Flashers - Configuration you'll notice the main screen on has 5 options.

However, if you have [ BCM ] T4_VS_BCM_DDT2000_SW16_5 (available from 2017 onwards)
You have the up-to-date software in your Body Control Module.

That means you have 7 options. We need that top one, FOUR_FLASHER_OUTPUTS_CF.

Click on Einstein's face to enter expert mode.

Select the False and select True from the drop down menu. Then click the Write button.

Test the car and the indicators should flash properly.

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