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453 Seat Belt Reminder Disable

Modification Details

Disable The Seat Belt Alarm - 453

I'm sure none of you are stupid enough not to drive with the seatbelt on, However, there are times
when you know you don't need it and don't want the speedo making noises and complaining.

When I'm driving through the car park at work, I know I have to get out in 100 metres to hand in paperwork.
Also, when you use a public carpark and you can't reach the machine to put your ticket in.

Time to turn it off.

This page covers a software (DDT4All) and a hardware (disconnection) option.

Software Option

I initially had confusions about this because the 1st time I looked at this setting, there was an option to disable it.
However, the next time I looked, there was no option and it never returned.

Lars L emailed me and explained my issue and suddenly it all made sense.

The 1st time I connected to the car, I manually selected the car and manually selected to modules to code.
After the 1st time, I let DDT4All scan the car and select the modules to code.

The standard smart modules don't allow for the seat belt alarm to be turned off.
But if you select a different version of the same module, the option returns.

Start DDT4All

Read the installation and starting guide here, HOWEVER, manually select TWINGO III.

In the 1st box, scroll down to either Cluster/TDB or TDB/Cluster. Click on it so it opens up the options.


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