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453 Stop Start Disable

Modification Details

Why Disable Stop Start On The 453?

Unlike the 451 MHD, the stop start system isn't a weak point that'll break and kill the engine.

However, there are a lot of people who just don't like the stop start system. Me being one of them.

Sure, you can disable it by pressing the button every time you drive the car, but who remembers to do that?
Usually, I remember when the car stops and you feel like an idiot for forgetting to turn it off again.

There is an actual positive for turning off the stop start system however. The battery.

Smart have been having terrible issues with the quality of the batteries they fit to the 453.
My guess is they went cheap on the battery. Doing that on a stop start battery is a bad idea.
Smart have had to replace many batteries under warranty due to owners getting stranded by a dead battery.

By not having the stop start system activated, you no longer require an AFB or EFB battery.
AFB and EFB batteries are a lot more expensive than standard sealed lead acid batteries.
So you could fit a high quality SLA battery instead of an AFB, EFB or upgrading to an expensive AGM battery.

A normal car battery and no stop start is an ideal combination that has worked for the last century.

Disabling The Stop Start On A 453

Open the DDT4All program and connect to the car.


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