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Door Superlock 453

Modification Details

Smart 453s for the UK market had super lock which wasn't present on other markets so there's
a chance that activating this function may not work correctly on non UK cars.

You press the lock button and as the lights flash, you press lock again.
The lights flashed faster to indicate that super lock was enabled.

The interior handles then would not open the doors.

It's to stop people breaking the window and using the interior handle to open the door.
Either to stop them stealing the car or to reduce the access they have to the driver.

This can be turned on and off on UK cars but may work on non UK cars.
Try it and let me know.


Start DDT4All and connect to the car.

In the 2nd box on the left, click [BCM].

Click Doorlock and then Doorlock - Configuration.

Click on Einstein's face to enter expert mode.

In the main window, find Superlock_CF.

Change the option to which ever you wish and click send.

True = super lock activated.
False = super lock deactivated.

Didn't Work?

There's a good chance that the UK door locks are different so this may not work on non UK cars.

Bohumil contacted me to say it didn't work on his Czech 453.
The lights would flash fast as expected, the doors would still open from the inside.
Also, he found that the boot button no longer worked. The key button was the only way to open the boot.
Even after deactivating super lock, the boot button still wouldn't work.

After disconnecting the battery for 10 minutes and reattaching, the boot button worked again.

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