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450 Fortwo Trip Computer

The roadster can be fitted with a groovy looking trip computer that can perform a number of tasks. I wanted it on my smart For2 so here's how to do it.

Modification Details

This page will show you how to wire a Roadster trip computer into a fortwo.

Please note: This can only be added if you have a 700cc smart For2.
 There is a possibility it will work on the 800 CDi but it's up to you to try it.
 If you do try it and it works, please let me know so I can update my information.

I was the first person to fit the Roadster trip computer to the Fortwo.
 Please bare this in mind as people have been leeching this info and giving no credit back.

What does the Trip Computer do?

Display real time info:

road speed
external temperature

It can calculate:

distance driven
amount of fuel used
average fuel consumption
average speed
fuel remaining
miles to fill up

It logs:

start of journey
duration of journey
distance covered
amount of fuel used

It will also display the following information as it occurs:

doors not closed
engine temperature
oil pressure low
brake fluid low
reserve fuel reached
handbrake not released
reminder to switch off lights
minor service
major service
ice warning

     It also comes with a stop watch for full and intermediate times.
     All settings can be viewed in English, German French and Italian.

See more on the usage of the trip computer here.

Do I Get An X-Gauge Or A Trip Computer?

Without a doubt you get the X-Gauge first, it can display a lot more information.
     Get a trip computer after the X-Gauge if you still want one.

Adding The Essential Wiring For The Trip Computer

There is now 2 ways to do this, the original way and the easy way.

The Easy Way


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