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450 Fuel Flap Solenoid

Modification Details

Fuel Flap Solenoid Removal

Remove the rear light on the fuel flap side.

You do this by removing the 2x 10mm plastic nuts from the top and bottom of the side of the light.

Hinge the light away from the car...

...and disconnect the wiring connector.

You can now see the fuel flap solenoid.

Open the boot and look to the right hand interior panel. Remove the Torx20 screw...

...and then pull the interior panel away from the car.

Arrowed below are the 2 fixing bolts.

Use a Torx25 bit to remove these.

Lift the solenoid up and then right to remove it from the car.

Disconnect the electrical connector and it is free.

On refitting, make sure the rod goes back through the hole arrowed below.

Refit the new one in the reverse of removal.

Can't Fill With Fuel

There was a problem with the older smarts where the solenoid that locked the
fuel cap closed would seize making it impossible to fill with fuel. Should you find
you are in this situation you have a few choices.

Knocking It Free

Sometimes a few knocks on the white plastic solenoid can free it allowing it to move.

Using a 10mm socket, remove the rear light on the same side as the filler cap, removing the light can be seen here.

Tap it a few times while trying the unlock botton on your key, this should
eventually free up the mechanism to allow it to move properly.

I'm Low On Fuel With No Tools

You are only left with a single option, pull the cap open with all your might,
it will break the plastic catch on the inside of the cap. The cap can be replaced
at a later date when a new one has been purchased.

If you are lucky enough to have some torx bits, you can remove the filler cap cover by removing all
of the torx bolts around the outside. The lowest bolt is a dummy and doesn't need to be removed.

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