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450 Heater Blower Failure

A problem that seems to be cropping up more and more these days.

Modification Details

My Heater/Cooling Interior Fan Doesn't Work On 1 Or 2

The fan under the dashboard that supplies air to the vents has 4 positions.

Position 1
Position 2
Position 3

The off position cuts all power to the fan.

Position 3 supplies full battery power to the fan.

Position 1 and 2 sends the full power through a resistor, this lowers the power
to the fan so it spins slower. The fault is with the contruction of the resistor pack
so you have 2 possibilties, change it for a new one or fix the old one.

My Heater/Cooling Interior Fan Doesn't Work On Any Settings

Check your fuses, if they are fine it will either be a dodgy connection to the
blower motor or the blower itself may have burnt out.

On the Roadster we have seen SAM unit connector 1, pin 2 (red/black) terminal burning out.
We repaired this by cutting the wire and fitting an auxiliary fuse connector to the side of the SAM unit.

Resistor Pack Removal

Smart seem to want to charge big money for this fix so it's well worth doing yourself.
On a RHD car, look in the passenger footwell, to the back and to the centre.
The LHD smart has it in the same position but in the drivers footwell.


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