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450 Lower Fuse Box Cleaning

Modification Details

Secondary Fuse Box

The 600cc smart fortwo (or city-coupe and city-cabrio as it was called back then) had a ZEE unit under
the dash instead of the SAM unit as found on the 700cc fortwo. The ZEE unit didn't have many fuses or
relays so smart added an extra fuse and relay box underneath the nearside seat, under the carpet. It was
power and switching for parts of the engine and transmission. Because it controls power to the transmission,
it's one of the reasons you could be experiencing the 3 bar transmission fault.

You don't have to remove the seat but it does make things easier.
You can push the seat forward and work between the gap in the carpet.

You'll see a long thin black box with 3 connectors.

Held each end with a 10mm plastic nut.

The relays and fuses are protected by a cover...

...which is held in place with 3 clips.

Lever the clips away and remove the top to reveal the relays and fuses.


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