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451 ED Noise Maker

Modification Details

Electric Smarts Make A Noise

In many countries, the Government have panicked and demanded that all electric cars make a noise.
This noise is a pedestrian warning for idiots who don't look before crossing the road.

Smart call it an Acoustic Presence Indicator. Other manufacturer call it an Acoustic Vehicle Alert System (AVAS).
I call it a Moo-er for the following reason.

However, the noise isn't particularly loud and only works up to 18mph (30km/h).
After that, the car should make enough noise just through tyre noise and wind noise.

Shut Up!

Can the noise be silenced? Yes it can, fairly easily.

Something something illegal. Something something insurance. Something something blind people.

I hear what you are saying. Check the laws for your country. In the UK, it's not going to be a legal necessity until 2021.
That is only for new models manufactured after that date. So older cars can disable the noise maker permanently.

Open the bonnet and look over to the left, just below the brake fluid reservoir.

The thing that looks like a car alarm siren is the noise maker. Notice the wiring going to the connector.
To disconnect it, you just push the tab to the left and then push the connector backwards.

It's a bit awkward to get to but it can be done with a screwdriver.

Error Codes?

No error light illuminate on the dashboard. If you scan the car for error codes using MB Star,
you just get a fail for the entire module. It doesn't affect the car in any way.

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