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451 Electric Mirrors Retrofit

Modification Details

Important Note

If your 451 was built from 12/2008 onwards, this job is going to be much easier.
If your 451 was built 11/2008 or before, the extra nonsense is nailed onto the end of this page.

You Will Need

2 new door wiring looms with the appropriate connectors.
A window switch surround with a hole for the mirror adjuster.
2 electric wing mirrors.
Wing mirror electrical adjuster.

You can get these from smart or buy them 2nd hand from a scrapped car off eBay etc.

The passenger's side wiring loom will have a 5 pin connector...

The driver's side will have the same 5 pin connector and also a 10 pin white plug.

This white plug connects to the adjuster...

...and the 5 pinn connectors fit to the wing mirrors.

The controller is pushed into the surround...

...until you hear a click...

...then it's securely in place and ready for the existing window switches.



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