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451 Heater Fan Brushes

Modification Details

451 Heater Motor Brushes

For some reason, it's mainly the American 451s that suffer with brush problems.
Dunno why but it does affect non Americans as well.

The standard brushes seem low quality and seem to wear very quickly. Probably because
the commutator gets a build up from electrical arcing which wears the brushes quicker.

Smart Don't Sell Heater Motor Brushes?

You are correct but there are power tools out there that use the same size brushes. They are cheap too.
More on part numbers and sizes at the bottom of the page.

Replacing The Brushes

Remove the motor from the car and then remove the Torx screw from the back.
You can now pull the motor from the housing.

Look on the side of the motor and you'll see 2 brushes, 1 on each side. They are held down by a spring clip.

You need to pull the spring clip up and over...


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