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451 Paddle Wheel Doesn't Work

Don't you just love it when smart changes the wiring for stuff for no reason.

Modification Details

Picture The Scene

You've got a fortwo 451 without paddleshift and you want paddleshift. You buy the paddleshift steering wheel,
fit it and get the car TAN coded at smart to activate the paddleshift function. However, it doesn't work.

The smart garage then feeds you some bullshit like the steering wheel is faulty or you need a new SAM unit.
You take the steering wheel apart but everything looks OK, nothing is obviously faulty.
You give up on trying to get the paddleshift working and maybe even sell the steering wheel on.


...nothing is faulty. Your paddle shift steering wheel is OK, the TAN code is OK and the car is OK.

What's The Issue?

The problem is that smart unnecessarily changed something on cars made after 31/08/2010.
So, a steering wheel for a car made before that date will not work on a car made after that date.

The opposite is also true. A post 31/08/2010 paddle wheel will not work on a pre 31/08/2010 car.

So You Have To Get The Right Date Version?

Initially yes but luckily, it's fairly easy to convert 1 to the other.

I actually discovered this and formulated the fix before anyone even had this problem.
I had retrofitted the cruise control steering wheel parts to an old Brabus 451 steering wheel.
As I went through the wiring I noticed that there was some changes.

Initially I thought it was for the cruise control cars only but I soon realised it was every car after a set date.

The Fix

Remove the steering wheel and disconnect the 4 pin black connector and the 10 pin white connector.


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