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451 Seat Belt Reminder Alarm

There are times when you just do not need to wear a seat belt to drive your car.

Modification Details

First, The Obvious Bit

If you don't wear your seat belt you are an idiot plain and simple. It's there to save your life.
Too often you hear people say they are uncomfortable or they are a good driver.

Wearing a seat belt is a lot more comfortable than going through the windscreen.
No matter how good you are at driving, there are other people too and also freak accidents.

Recently, a new excuse has emerged. I am too fat and the belt won't go around me.
Some options here are use a belt extender and/or walk instead of drive.

I know by saying that I will get emails from people with 'genetic or medical
conditions' but I find it strange how many people use that as an excuse,
these people are giving the people with genuine problems a bad name.

Being partial to food isn't a medical condition, that's just a lack of will power and exercise.
You never see people with these medical conditions in the photos taken in concentration camps.

Turn Off The Reminder Alarm

Look under the driver's side seat, you will see a blue connector.
You may need to remove the seat subframe bolts to get to it.


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