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451 Towbar Electrics

Once you have the towbar fitted, you need to wire it in.

Modification Details


This pages covers the wiring of the towbar that was fitted here.
Wiring is very easy and requires a crimping tool and 7 red butt connector crimps.
Below shows you the wire colours for a standard tow bar wiring kit.

The first job is to run the wires into the car. Open the boot and remove all the unnecessary rubbish.
Slide the seats forward and tilt them forward to give you room. Unscrew the plastic bolts circled in white below.
The arrow shows where the wiring grommet is that we will be using.

The wire needs to be run from the towbar to the main wiring grommet, you can do this how
ever you like but you MUST stay clear of the exhaust. The following shows the route I took.

Fold the carpet back against the seats. You can now see the rubber grommet.


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