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Airbag Connector Replacement

The seat side airbag connections are poor and cause airbag errors so let's change them for better ones

Modification Details

Why Are We Replacing The Seat Side Airbag Connectors?

Have a look at
this page for the back story.

Oh no! Probably the seat side airbag connectors.

In this case, yep. Side airbag on the driver's side.

What Are The Options?

I will show you 2 and leave you to think about it.


Before you cut the old connectors off, make a note of what colour wire went where.
Do NOT turn the ignition on until you have completed and reconnected all the connections.

The first option is simple. Cut the connectors off and twist the wires together. I really don't
recommend this but at a push it will sort out a connector fault until you can get a proper connector.

If you do decide to twist the wires together and live with it like that make sure you flux
and solder the twisted wires to stop them coming undone and make sure you put
protective heatshrink over all wires so they can't touch each other or anything else.
Remember that doing this makes it impossible for you to remove the seat from the car.

The following is what I used. Although they work ok, they aren't ideal. More on that at the bottom of the page.

2 way AMP Superseal locking connectors. They are top quality and used extensively as OEM
connections in many car makes including smart. I bought mine on eBay for less than £10. The top
row of components are the female connectors and the lower components are the male connectors.
You will need 2 male and 2 female. 1 of each for both seats. Search eBay for the word "superseal".

Cut the original connector off at both ends.


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