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HID Headlight Interference

Modification Details

Radio Interference After HID Installation

This is a fairly normal occurrence. The radio signal is fine until you turn on the headlights.

But as soon as the headlights are on, you get loads of static interference over the music.

What Is It?

Radio stations are transmitted through radio frequencies, usually over many miles so the
receiving equipment has to be sensitive enough to receive the transmission. The problem
is that any interference can affect the quality of the reception.

The majority of electrical items will create RF interference, however, most things have
to be shielded to reduce the amount of RF interference that can escape to cause issues.

The problem starts when a shield isn't enough due to the amount of RF interference it creates.
Also, if the electrical equipment is a cheap piece of shit pumped out of a Chinese factory.

The 4 Step Fix

Step 1

Move the ballasts as far away from the car's aerial as possible.
If that doesn't work, move the ballasts into different places and different orientations
Electrical devices don't emit RF interference in an even pattern so, if you can manage to place each ballast
in such a way that the car's antenna is out of the interference zone, you'll not get the interference.

How do I do that?

Plug 1 ballast into the power and the bulb, turn the car on, turn the radio on, turn the headlights on.
Move the ballast to see if there are any RF interference deadspots that you can use to your advantage.

If you find a good position, fix it down and do the same for the other side.

Step 2


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