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Roadster Boot Catch Fault

Modification Details

If your Roadster boot doesn't open from the switch or the key, you may have a faulty earth.
It's a fairly common issue on the Roadster model.

Firstly, make sure that all of the doors are closed and then try to lock the car with the key.
If the car locks and then immediately unlocks, you have a different earth problem. Read here.

However, if the car locks and stays locked, you probably have an earth issue at the catch solenoid end.

Fixing The Fault

Open the boot using the manual boot opening loop, click here

Lift up the carpet to access the catch and associated solenoid.

The long earth runs over to the left, through the floor and into the engine bay.

It then attaches to another wiring loom and loops back to an earthing point.
Undo this earthing point, clean it all up and retighten it. You might be lucky and it'll fix the fault.

If you can't get through from the engine bay, you can remove the arch liner to access it.

The next thing to try is to go back to the catch, cut the brown (earth) wire, strip the sheathing back...

...loosen one of the bolts and then wrap the wire around it. Tighten it up and give it a try.

That Didn't Work

You may just have a faulty solenoid on the boor catch. Fit a replacement catch.

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