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Roadster H7 Bulb Connectors

The standard bulb connections are poor so lets add something better

Modification Details

This shows the original H7 bulb connections for the Roadster. They build up with
corrosion and gradually loosen. Both of which can cause failure of power to the bulb
or reduced power which causes arc erosion of both the connections and the bulb tabs.
Power fluctuations can also reduce the life span of the bulbs by up to 50%.

What we need to do is lose the poor connections and get something a bit better.
Search "H7 connector" on eBay to bring up a few choices. Make sure yours have wires attached.

Cut the old connections off and pull the old wires out of the headlight weather caps.
Pass the new H7 connector wires through the holes as shown below.
They are nice and tight so will seal themselves where they pass through.

Repeat for all 4 and crimp a red but connector to the end of each wire. Slide a length of heat
shrink over the wires, this needs to be long enough to cover the crimp connector plus about
2cm on each end for a decent weatherproof seal. Adhesive lined heat shrink is ideal.

Cut the old wiring back a little bit as you don't want an excess of wiring when you add
this extra length. Crimp the other ends of the red butt connectors to the existing wiring.
You don't need to worry about + and - as bulbs work either way around.

Pull the heat shrink tubing over the butt connector and heat evenly until shrunk and sealed.

Plug the H7 connector into the bulb and hold the weather caps in place with a zip tie.
This is necessary as the new H7 connectors are a bit taller so cause the weather cap to bulge.
The headlight housing has a lip so the zip tie keeps the weather cap in place.

Test your headlights are wired correctly and work properly and you are done.

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