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Roadster Indicator Faults

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Roadster Indicator Faults

It's surprisingly normal to hear Roadster owners come up against a strange issue along the lines of:

1 or both indicators come on and stay on when I indicate.
1 or both indicators come on and stay on when I turn the car on.
1 or both sides don't come on even though the bulbs are fine.
1 or both indicators pretty much do their own thing.

But the hazard switch usually works properly, (but not always).

WTF Right?

Although the majority of the electrical issues from a wet SAM unit can be found on the pair of 40 pin connections.
However, not in this case. The fault is still water ingress but the fault is less obvious to look at.

A fix could be as easy as cleaning the correct part of the SAM unit.
Although if you leave it too long, it could require a new SAM unit. So get to it as soon as you can.


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