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Roadster Lateral Movement Sensor

Modification Details

ABS warning light on?
/! Light on as well?

Busted out your generic error code reader and got any of the following codes?

Sounds like your lateral movement sensor is shafted.

What Does The Lateral Movement Sensor Do?

It measures the G force of the car as you turn.
It's looking for a G force reading which suddenly becomes a Zero G reading which indicates the car has slipped sideways.

Imagine if you were riding one of these (click). As it spins, the G force pushes you down in your seat.
If the carriage suddenly became detached, that force would suddenly stop and you'd feel weightless.

Essentially you start off as a non inertial reference frame and end up dead.

Where Is The Sensor?

Remove the right hand seat. It's on the same side for both RHD and LHD cars.


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