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Roadster Rear Light Faults

Modification Details

The biggest cause of rear lights not working on the Roadster is water damage and corrosion (surprise surprise).

So, if a bulb isn't working, obviously 1st check that the bulb filament(s) are ok.
Also check to make sure they are fitted correctly.

Remove the bulb that isn't functioning and check the bulb holder for corrosion
If it's looking green or dirty, give it and the bulb a clean before refitting and testing again.

However, the actual fault may be a but further back.

Roadster Rear Light Short Bulb Loom

The bulb holders have a short section of wiring loom going down to a connector hidden behind the bumper.
It's not uncommon to find that these connectors are full of water and corroded to pieces.

The main problem is that these connections aren't waterproof. They thought the position was safe. No.

Remove the rear lights...

...twist the bulb holders to remove them from the light housing.

Pull the back of the wheel arch liner out so you can reach in...

...and pull the bulbs holders through.

Reach in again to get access to the connector. It should be clipped to the bodywork.
Unclip it and press the tab on the side of the connector and pull to disconnect it.

Visually check the connection for corrosion.

You can try to clean the connections with electrical contact cleaner but they are usually too damaged to repair.

If you need to buy a new one, the smart part number is 0009518V001000000.
It's the same part number for each side.

Putting grease into the connector before refitting it might stop it happening again in the future.

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