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Wires Though The Bulkhead

There are times when you need to run wires from the inside to the outside of the car. How to do it but keep the water from coming in?

Modification Details

Running wires through the bulkhead is fairly easy on the smart. In most cases there is a large
rubber grommet that seals the main wiring loom as it goes through the bulkhead. These rubber
grommets are designed to be able to customised for extra wiring passing through them.

Smart Fortwo 451

Easiest smart of the bunch. Remove the front panel and look behind the coolant bottle (circled).

The left picture is what you will see. Notice that there are rubber nipples around the outside of
the main wiring loom. Trim the end of one of these nipples off with a sharp blade and you will
be able to pass wires through the opening into the cabin area of the car just behind the SAM unit.

This is a view of the inside of the grommet showing the wires entering the cabin.

The 451 also has a similar grommet in the battery box under the footrest.

Smart Fortwo 450

The original Fortwo had grommets in very much the same positions as shown above for the 451.
The difference is that the front panels have to be removed to gain access to the front grommet.
The battery box grommet is smaller but easier to get access to.

Roadster 452

Coming Soon

Smart Forfour

Coming Soon

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