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Wiring Repair Connectors

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Repair Wiring Kits

Repair kits are normally the plastic housing populated with terminals, each with a length of wire crimped
to each terminal. The colours of the wires will mainly match up with a few exceptions. The idea with these
repair kits is that the faulty connector is cut off and the new connector is crimped in to replace it.

In some circumstances (cruise control), the repair loom will have the normal connector with terminals at
1 end and at the other end are plain terminals that are designed to be inserted into existing connectors.

What Is Covered On This Page?

Roadster - 37 part numbers including 10 SAM connectors
Fortwo 451 - 12 part numbers including 10 SAM connectors
Fortwo 450 - 37 part numbers including 10 SAM connectors


With the water ingress, headlights and heater issues causing melting, damage and corrosion
to the electrical connectors, the Roadster is the car most likely to require a wiring repair kit.


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