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450 CDI Alternator Change

How to change the alternator on a CDI

Modification Details

Loosen the wheel on the offside, jack the car up, remove the wheel and disconnect the battery.
Remove the 4x plastic arch liner nuts with a 10mm socket.

Pull the arch liner out of the way.

This gives you better access to the side of the engine.

Lever down the 2 plastic inserts that hold the belt cover in place...

...and remove the belt cover.

Undo the top bolt of the X-frame on both sides of the car using a Torx E14 socket.

The top section of the X-frame can now be pulled out of the way to acces the engine mount bolts.

Support the underside of the engine. It's a good idea to use some wood on top of the jack.

Loosen the 2 Torx bolts on the nearside engine mount and remove the 2 torx bolts from the offside engine mount.


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